Reduce total cost of ownership

The correct selection and rational use of lubricants reduces the total cost of ownership equipment The issue reducing total cost ownership of machinery and equipment (Total Cost of ownership – TCO) is becoming increasingly relevant for the vast majority of transport and industrial industries. Companies that use high-tech equipment in their production are interested in ensuring that the equipment does not fail, serve as long as possible and require less maintenance. How the correct selection and rational use of lubricants can reduce the total cost of ownership of equipment? The cost of lubricants is 2% – 5% in the structure of the cost of servicing equipment, but at the same time affect each of the items of expenses on ownership of equipment:
Opportunities for savings are opening up by extending lubricant replacement intervals, saving on fuel and maintenance, and minimizing downtime. Thus, the rational use of lubricants helps to reduce the total cost of ownership of the equipment and increase its productivity. Practice shows that cooperation with Shell has allowed Kazakh enterprises to save more than 188 million rubles in 2011-2015 and to improve equipment performance through the use of innovative lubricants, as well as a range of equipment diagnostics services and professional technical advice from Shell representatives. Our goal – increase the efficiency of your business!

If you want the technology to last a long time, choose a partner you can rely on!

Verify Shell Product Authenticity

The quality of lubricants and fuels is the main competitive advantage of Shell. We constantly monitor the quality of our products and analyze in detail all cases of counterfeit detection in the lubricants market.

Where to buy original Shell Helix Ultra engine oils?

Buy Shell helix engine oils only at verified authorized points

How to distinguish original products from fake?

Step 1 A hologram with a 16-digit code must be affixed on the lid of the original Shell helix oil canister (only for canisters with a production date from 10/03/16) Step 2 Verify the authenticity of the canister or barrel at www.ac.shell.com by following these steps:


A product is genuine only if, after checking the QR code or 16-digit code on ac.shell.com, you get a specific answer. In the event that after scanning a QR code or a 16-digit code, the system sends you to shell.com – the products are not genuine.


If, after scanning a QR code or performing identification on ac.shell.com, you have come to the conclusion that the product you purchased is not original, according to Art. 18 of the Law “On Protection of Consumer Rights”, you have the right to refuse to fulfill the contract of sale and demand the return of the amount paid for the goods. At the same time, in order to get the amount paid for goods of inadequate quality, please make sure that the packaging of the goods is not broken and you have a document confirming the conclusion of the contract of sale (cash / receipt)