When choosing tractor oil, it is necessary to take into account the harsh operating conditions in which agricultural machines usually have to work. High physico-chemical stability in a wide temperature range, especially in its upper part, makes Shell oil and lubricants for a tractor and other agricultural equipment indispensable throughout the entire season of its operation, most of which falls on the warm and even hot part of the year. Hydraulics Hubs / Lubrication Units Engine Transmission

Hubs / CV joints

Tractor engine oils

Machines operated in the agricultural sector operate in difficult conditions. Their unforeseen failure can interfere with harvesting in time, which will lead to significant financial losses and to deterioration of relations with contractors. To avoid this, you need to maintain the machine in good condition, timely preventive maintenance, including replacing the used grease.

What should be the oils for agricultural machinery

To technical fluids for this purpose are very stringent requirements. They should perform the following functions: Clean motor and other units from contamination Prevent corrosion Prevent the formation of soot and foreign deposits in the contact area Protect components against wear at idle Reduce toxicity of combustible fuel Very useful is the ability of a lubricant to remove excess heat. This property does not allow machine components to overheat and collapse under the influence of extremely high temperatures. We have presented proven brands of oils for Chinese tractors, the price of which is fully consistent with their consumer properties. Leave a request to purchase MTZ tractor axle oil or grease for other purposes – the goods you need will be promptly delivered to the specified address.