GTL technology, Shell Turbo S4 X 32, is engineered to meet the latest requirements in high-performance turbines. Provides highly effective work for a long time under any operating conditions. Shell Turbo S4 X 32 oil reduces scale build-up even with cyclic peak loads.

Packing: 209kg

Specifications : ASTM 4304-13 Type I & III, GB (China) 11120-2011, L-TGA, L-TSA, L-TGSB, DIN 51515 Part 1 L-TD & Part 2 L-TG, ISO 8068, L-TGB и L-TGSB, Oil Shell Turbo S4 X 32 approved Siemens Power Generation by specifications TLV 9013 04 and TLV 9013 05, General Electric GEK 32568j, 46506e, 28143b, 107395a и 120498, Alstom HTGD 90 117 V0001 Y, Dresser Rand 003-406- 001 Type I & III, Westinghouse 21 TO591 and 55125Z3 and Eng Spec_DP21T-00000443, Solar ES 9-224Y Class II, MAN D&T SE TED 10000494596, Shell Turbo S4 X 32 meets the requirements Specifications Elliott Turbo-machinery X-18-0004, GE Oil and Gas — the relevant specification is reflected in the document ITN52220 .04, Shell Turbo S4 X 32 meets the requirements of MS04-MA-CL001 (Rev .4), MS04-MA-CL002 (Rev .4) MS04-MA-CL005 (Rev .2)