Shell Tellus S2 M

The new generation of Shell Tellus S2 M (32/46/68), the most famous hydraulic oil, for power monitoring and transmission systems of various industrial equipment. The patented additive composition gives the highly refined mineral base an additional high oxidative, thermal and hydrolytic stability, guarantees excellent filterability, as well as anti-wear and protective properties.

Specifications and approvals:

  • DENISON Hydraulics HF-0, HF-1, HF-2,
  • Cincinnati Machine P-68 (ISO 32), P-70 (ISO 46), P-69 (ISO 68),
  • Eaton Vickers (Brochure 694),
  • ISO11158 HM,
  • AFNOR NF-E 48-603,
  • ASTM 6158- 05 (HM),
  • DIN51524, part 2, type HLP,
  • Sweden Standard SS 15 54 34 AM,
  • GB 111181- 1-94 (HM),
  • Bosh Rexroth Ref 17421- 001, RD 220-1/04.03

* The antiwear additive in Shell Tellus S2 M oils is zinc dithiophosphate, which limits the possibility of their use in systems where silver parts are used. Shell Tellus S3 M or Shell Morlina S2 B oils are recommended for them.