Shell Spirax S4 G 75W-90

High Performance Synthetic Fluid for Volkswagen Manual Transmissions

Shell Spirax S4 G 75W-90 is a synthetic transmission oil for passenger cars and light trucks of Volkswagen Group.

Area of usage

  • Light vehicle and VW gearboxes

The product is designed specifically for Volkswagen gearbox requirements and can be used where the manufacturer recommends using oil that meets Specifications VW 501.50.

  • Passenger car gearboxes

Shell Spirax S4 G 75W-90 can also be recommended for modern synchronized gearboxes operating in conditions requiring the use of synthetic oils.


  • Clear and stable operation of the synchronizers and protection against wear thanks to carefully selected components. Excellent viscosity-temperature characteristics in a wide range of operating temperatures provide reliable gear shifting in winter time and reliable lubrication at the highest temperatures.
  • Long intervals between oil changes

Lower operating temperatures help protect gears and extend oil life.



Volkswagen VW 501.50


Recommendations on the use of lubricants in areas not listed in this leaflet can be obtained from your Shell representative.

Health & Safety

Subject to good personal and industrial hygiene practices and proper use in recommended applications, Shell Getriebeoel EP does not pose a health or environmental hazard.

More complete information on this issue is contained in the product safety data sheet.

Protect the environment

Waste oil must be sent to specialist waste disposal facilities. Do not discharge used oil into drains, soil, or water.

Typical physico-chemical characteristics

Indicators Method Shell Spirax S4 G 75W-90
Kinematic Viscosity, mm2/s at 400C                                  at 100°C ISO3104 64,2 14,0
Viscosity index ISO 2909 228
Density at 15°C, kg/m3 ISO 12185 868
Flash point in open crucible, °C ISO 2592 134
Pour point, °C ISO 3016 -42

The values of the given physico-chemical indicators are typical for currently manufactured products. Subsequently, they are subject to change in accordance with Shell specifications.