Shell Omala

High quality industrial gear and bearing oils

Shell Omala is a high-quality, lead-free, high-pressure, anti-seize oil designed to lubricate heavy duty industrial gears. High bearing capacity and antifriction characteristics allow the successful use of these oils in gears and other applications.

Area of usage

Shell Omala oils, developed on the basis of highly refined base oils with a high viscosity index and compositions of special sulfur-phosphorus additives to impart extreme pressure properties, can be successfully used in the following areas:

  • Steel Gear Transmissions
  • Industrial gears requiring anti-seize oils
  • Bearings
  • Circulation and spray lubrication systems

Shell Omala oils cannot be used in automotive hypoid gears. They recommend the use of Shell Spirax family oils.


  • Excellent oxidation and heat resistance

Resist thermal stress, deposits and other harmful oxidation products. Long service life, even at oil temperatures up to 100 ° C in some applications.

  • Effective Corrosion Inhibitors

Protect both steel and bronze parts, even in the presence of water and particulate matter.

  • Lead free

Less hazardous to personnel health and disposal.

  • Wide viscosity range

Oils for the most diverse and most critical nodes.

  • Demulsifying properties

Shell Omala oils exhibit high demulsifying properties, so water can be easily removed from the lubrication system. (Water can significantly increase the surface fatigue of gears and bearings, as well as cause corrosion on the internal surfaces of parts. This is why water should not be allowed to enter the oil or should be removed immediately from the system).

  • Excellent load bearing capacity

Reduced wear of teeth and bearings, steel and bronze. Laboratory tests show that the load-bearing capacity of Shell Omala oils is significantly higher than that of gear oils containing lead. Tooth wear is significantly reduced, in particular at high loads. Typical Results for Shell Omala 220:

Extreme pressure properties

Timken Lubricant Testing Facility

materials and wear

permissible load, pounds


Not lower than 60
Four ball friction machine,

seizing load, kg

(ASTM D 2783)

Bearing capacity in the FZG test,

Withstands loading steps

FZG A/8.3/90

FZG A/16,6/90



Specifications and approvals

Meets the requirements ISO 12925-1 type CKC.

Meets the requirements David Brown S1.53.101.


Recommendations for the use of lubricants in areas not listed in this leaflet may be obtained from your Shell representative.

Health & Safety

Subject to good personal and industrial hygiene practices and proper use in recommended applications, Shell Omala is not a hazard to health and the environment.

More complete information on this issue is contained in the product safety data sheet.

Protect the environment

Used oils must be sent to specialized waste disposal facilities. Do not discharge used oils into drains, soil, or water.

Indicator Method Shell Omala  
ISO viscosity grade ISO


68 100 150 220 320 460 680 800
Kinematic viscosity, mm/s at 40°C at 100°C ISO 3104 68         8,7 100














Viscosity index ISO 2909 99 100 100 100 100 97 92 92
Density at 15°C, kg/m ISO 12185 887 891 897 899 903 904 912 930
Flash point in open crucible, °C ISO 2592 190 195 195 200 205 205 205 215
Sour temperature, °C ISO
-24 -24 -24 -18 -15 -12 -9 -6

The values of the given physico-chemical indicators are typical for currently manufactured products. Subsequently, they are subject to change in accordance with Shell specifications.