Shell Helix Ultra Racing 10W-60

Fully synthetic motor oil – engineered to meet the special needs of engine manufacturers.

Today’s automobiles need motor oil to keep up with their changing needs and to further increase engine performance and life. That’s why Shell has come up with a completely new way to produce synthetic base oils from natural gas using our proprietary Shell PurePlus technology.

Shell Helix Ultra is a line of top-quality motor oils created using Shell PurePlus unique technology to produce motor oil that actively helps keep engines clean. Shell Helix oils are based on Active Cleansing technology. At the same time, Shell PurePlus’ unique technology allows the oil to further increase the level of cleaning and protection.

Shell Helix Ultra Racing 10W-60 oil provides:

  • unsurpassed protection against sludge – no other motor oil can keep the             engine clean even closer to the factory one; 1
  • Exceptional bearing protection in extreme and racing modes. 2
  • Superior protection against wear and corrosion.3
  • Developed in collaboration with Ferrari for racing and modified engines.

Specifications: API SN / CF; ACEA A3 / B3, A3 / B4; Ferrari

1 Based on Sequence VG bench test for oil sedimentation using 0W-40.

2 Compared to more viscous oils.

3 Compared to API SN standards, Sequence IVA and Sequence VIII engine bench tests performed by, an independent