Shell Helix Ultra ECT C3 5W-30

Fully Synthetic motor oil – Shell’s Ultimate motor oil Pollution Reduction Systems.

Today’s cars need motor oil that keeps up with their changing needs and can further improve engine performance and life. This is why Shell has come up with a completely new way to produce synthetic base oils from natural gas using our proprietary Shell PurePlus technology ..

Shell Helix Ultra is a premium line of motor oils created using Shell PurePlus unique technology to produce motor oil, actively helping keep engines clean. Shell Helix oils are based on Active Cleansing technology. At the same time, Shell PurePlus’ unique technology allows the oil to further increase the level of cleaning and protection.

Shell Helix Ultra ECT C3 5W-30 provides:

  • unrivaled protection against sludge – no other motor oil cleans the engine better; 1
  • low viscosity and low friction characteristics, allowing to save fuel up to 1.7% more; 2
  • Protects emission control systems by helping to keep diesel particulate filters clean.

Specifications: ACEA C3; API SN; admission to MB 229.51, 229.31; BMW LL-04; GM dexos2TM; Chrysler MS-11106

1 Based on Sequence VG bench test for sedimentation of oil using 5W-30.

2 Based on the results of a fuel economy test according to ACEA M 111 compared to industry-standard