Shell Helix Ultra ECT C2 / C3 0W-30

Fully synthetic motor oil – the ultimate Shell exhaust toxicity protection system.

Get the most out of your engine and protect it with the promising benefits of Shell Helix Ultra ECT C2 / C3 0W-30, our most advanced formula at the moment. The latest in a line of high-quality synthetic motor oils, it has proven its ability to improve engine performance like never before. Thanks to Emission Compatible Technology (ECT), which is compatible with emission control systems, Shell Helix Ultra ECT C2 / C3 helps keep modern diesel and gasoline engines free of dirt and deposits.

In testing, motor oil has shown outstanding results, from excellent piston cleanliness to fuel economy and unrivaled wear and corrosion protection. Combining the benefits of Shell PurePlus technology and highly effective additives, Shell Helix Ultra ECT C2 / C3 allows you to reach even higher levels of cleaning and protection.

Oils for passenger cars

For stable, efficient, safe and long-term operation of any vehicle, it is necessary to use high-quality lubricants. A correctly selected product minimizes the physical wear of parts, prevents pollution and the development of oxidative corrosion.

If you are looking for high-quality oils for passenger cars and want to avoid unreasonable expenses, check out the offers of LLC “Global Trade Co”. We sell Shell branded products, assist in the selection and quickly execute orders of any composition and volume.

The full range of Shell oils.

Our company is an authorized distributor of Shell brand in Kazakhstan, Central Asia and Mongolia. All manufacturer products intended for passenger cars are constantly present in our warehouse reserve. Our Offer:

  • Helix oils for light trucks and cars;
  • Spirax transmission Lubricants ;
  • Effective Gadus greases;
  • DOT 4 ELS brake fluid .

Here you can purchase both time-tested universal products and unique new products for use in difficult operating conditions. A detailed and reliable description of each position placed in our online catalog will help you choose the best solution.

Professional assistance in choosing

As an official partner of Shell, “Global Trade Co” LLC offers its customers many exclusive advantages. One of them is the unique Shell LubeMatch service, which was created for internal use by the company’s specialists, but over time it has become available to everyone who appreciates corporate quality and wants to choose the best tool for their car.

On our site you can use this service. Just select the brand and model of your vehicle from the lists, and personally for you detailed recommendations will be made regarding the selection of materials for different functional units and the frequency of their replacement. If necessary, you can always seek advice from our staff.