Shell ATF 3403 M-115

Synthetic Automatic Transmission Fluid

Shell ATF 3403 M-115 is a synthetic fluid for the new generation of automatic transmissions of Mercedes-Benz passenger cars. Shell ATF 3403 M-115 is based on Shell XHVI synthetic base oil, has excellent performance and provides (without replacement) lubrication in the harshest operating conditions.

Area of usage

Exceptional clearance for Mersedes Benz automatic transmissions

This product is the only one approved according to Specifications MB 236.10 as the first refueling product and in the after-sales service of the latest Mercedes Benz automatic gearboxes. Shell ATF 3403 M-115 can also be used in automatic transmissions of Mercedes cars of previous models, i.e. is a universal fluid for various Mercedes Benz models.

Automatic gearboxes

Some types of manual gearboxes


  • Shell ATF 3403-M115 is formulated with Shell’s synthetic base oil with a balanced additive package to provide the right level of performance:
  • High temperature and oxidation resistance
  • Good&low temperature fluidity
  • Smooth gear shifting due to stable coefficient of friction
  • Smooth operation of the adjustable torque converter clutch
  • High shear resistance
  • Wear protection
  • Lifetime (no replacement) operation in automatic transmissions of Mercedes Benz passenger cars


Mercedes Benz Sheet 236.10


Recommendations for the use of lubricants in areas not listed in this leaflet may be obtained from your Shell representative.

Health & Safety

Subject to the rules of personal and industrial hygiene, as well as proper use in recommended applications, Shell ATF 3403 M-115 does not pose a threat to health and environmental hazards. More complete information on this issue is contained in the product safety data sheet.

Protect the environment

Waste oil must be sent to specialist waste disposal facilities. Do not discharge used oil into drains, soil, or water.

Typical physico-chemical characteristics

Indicator Method ATF 3403 M-115
Kinematic viscosity mm2/s at 40°C at 100°C ISO 3104 34,5 7,4
Viscosity index 2909 189
Density at  15°C, kg/m3 ISO 12185 849
Flash point in open crucible, °C ISO 2592 195
Pour point, °C ISO 3016 -45

The values of the given physico-chemical indicators are typical for currently manufactured products. Subsequently, they are subject to change in accordance with Shell specifications.