Shell ATF 134

Automatic Transmission Fluid for Mercedes-Benz Cars

Shell ATF 134 is a high-tech fluid for automatic transmissions of the latest Mercedes-Benz passenger cars with 5- and 7-speed gearboxes and NAG-V sports transmissions.

Area of usage

Shell ATF 134 was developed as a first fill and service product for the entire range of Mercedes-Benz vehicles with an automatic 7-speed gearbox.

Shell ATF 134 replaces all ATF fluids listed in Specifications 236.12. Shell ATF 134 is preferred for the latest NAG-V sports car transmissions and is recommended for both 7G-Tronic (models 722.9 / W7A 700 / NAG-2) and 5-speed (models 722.6 / W7A 580 / NAG-1) gearboxes. The product can also be used in all previous 4- and 5-speed transmissions of Mercedes-Benz vehicles (models 722.3 / 722.4 / 722.5) except for front-wheel drive 5-speed gearboxes (models 722.7 / FAG) of A-Class and Vaneo vehicles.


Shell ATF 134 is a high-performance automatic transmission fluid made using synthetic base oils from the hydroisomerization process, combined with high-quality additives made using the latest technology. Shell ATF 134 provides excellent performance:

  • Excellent frictional stability
  • High thermal and oxidative stability
  • Excellent cooling properties
  • High stability of shear additives
  • Low evaporation losses

Specifications and approvals

Approved according to Specifications Mercedes-Benz number 236.14

Health & Safety

Full information on this issue is contained in the product safety data sheet, which can be obtained from a company representative.

Protect the environment

Waste oil must be sent to specialist waste disposal facilities. Do not discharge used oils into drains, soil, or water.

Typical physico-chemical characteristics

Index Method ShellATF 134
Density at 15°C, kg/m3 ISO 12185 847
Flash point (Cleveland), °C ISO 2529 202
Kinematic viscosity, mm2/s at 40°C at 100°C ISO 3104 29 6,2
Dynamic viscosity (Brookfield) at -40°C, mPa DIN 51398 9,000
Viscosity index ISO 2909 180
Pour temperature, °C DINISO 3016 -51

The values of the given physico-chemical indicators are typical for currently manufactured products. Subsequently, they are subject to change in accordance with Shell specifications.