New Shell Macro Distributor Opens in Kazakhstan

On December 10, Almaty hosted the opening ceremony of Global Trade Co, a macro-distributor of the Shell concern in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Mongolia. Global Trade Co is part of the Chaika group of companies, the largest distributor of high-quality Shell lubricants in Russia and Eastern Europe.

“Today, a big event has happened for us – we have entered a new market,” says Andrey Chaika, president of the Chaika group of companies. – Our goals are ambitious enough. In 2-3 years, we would like to reach a sales level of 20 million liters of lubricants per year. This is approximately 10-12 percent of the total Kazakhstan market. We do not hide that these are big numbers, but this does not make the goal less desirable. In the very near future we plan to open several branches in other cities of Kazakhstan. In principle, our markets are quite similar, so I do not see much difficulty. ” “In general, Shell has been represented on the Kazakhstan market for quite some time – about 25 years,” recalls Sergey Starodubtsev, Director General of Shell Oil LLC. – Here we are actively working in such areas of business as exploration and production of oil and gas, transportation of hydrocarbons and marketing of petroleum products. Lubricants are also being sold. But in this industry we are now entering a new, higher level. We see great potential in the Kazakhstan market. Therefore, we turned to the company “The Seagull”, which is our long-term partner. This is one of our largest distributors in Europe and Russia. ” In 2012, a plant for the production of lubricants was opened in Torzhok. The plant is equipped with high-tech modern equipment. High quality products are ensured through the introduction of advanced technologies and a strict quality control system. The maximum production capacity reaches 200 million liters per year. However, customers can get products not only of Russian origin, but also from any other manufacturing country. After all, the list of Shell products is very extensive, and the quality, regardless of the country of manufacture, always remains at the highest level. “We will offer our customers the widest range of lubricants: from commercial products and passenger vehicles to lubricants for agriculture, shipbuilding and engineering, mining, metallurgy, aviation, road construction, and so on,” adds Sergey Starodubtsev. – We employ the most highly qualified specialists who represent advanced technical services that can reduce the total cost of ownership of equipment. Our work with enterprises is not only in the production and delivery of the product, but also in the technical support of the operation of customer equipment. Thus, introducing a premium product to our customers, we also bring them profit through our services, technologies, knowledge and expertise. ”

Shell intends to expand presence in Kazakhstan

The company is interested in the development of the Kashagan and Karachaganak fields

Royal Dutch Shell is interested in further expanding its presence and deepening participation in the implementation of projects in Kazakhstan. This was announced during a meeting between the Prime Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Askar Mamin, and representatives of the concern: Director of the International Exploration and Production Division Andrew Brown, Executive Vice President for Deepwater Projects Wael Sauan, Executive Vice President for Joint Ventures Herald Schotman, reports Primeminister.kz.

Andrew Brown said that the company is interested in further expanding its presence and deepening participation in the implementation of projects in Kazakhstan. The issues of joint activities for the development of the Kashagan and Karachaganak fields, participation in the development of the Kalamkas and Khazar wells at the Zhemchuzhina site were considered.

A promising direction for the company is also the development of alternative energy sources. Royal Dutch Shell is working on a project to build a solar power station in the city of Taraz.

Askar Mamin noted that the company is among the major investors. Today, the country is strengthening measures to ensure favorable conditions for investment projects and strengthening mechanisms to protect the rights of investors.

At the end of the meeting, the parties expressed their intention to expand the areas of interaction and the implementation of new joint projects.

Distribution Forum −2019

From April 16 to April 18, the annual Shell Lubricants Distributors Forum was held in Amsterdam, and Global Trade Co took part in it.

Distributors from 9 countries were invited to the forum. The participants discussed the difficulties and development prospects in the B2B and B2C segments. And also the results of 2018 were summed up.